Our production is in accordance with the international standards strictly.


Main Products: anti-slip rubber sheet, common rubber sheet, insertion rubber sheet, silicone ruber sheet, natural rubber, and related products.


Establish product warehouse throughout the country to ensure timely and efficient delivery, improve customer satisfaction.


We always abide by the "quality first, users first" business purpose, and aim to provide dedicated service for our customer!

Quality products

We produce a series of industrial rubber sheet, widely used in automobile, ship, sports venues, electronic power, medicine, chemical industry, seals and other fields. Complete testing equipment and complete material standards and test methods. Reasonable production process and controllable production process, computer controlled automatic production equipment. The most advanced production inspection technology. Carry out self inspection, inspection and final inspection of products.


Damping characteristics can now be tailored to applications

Through the use of functionalised nanomaterials, our Rubber can enable engineers to tailor dynamic characteristics of rubber compounds for optimum performance in any given applica...

Introduce new grit non slip rubber plate

In view of the current market, the use of anti-skid rubber flooring products range, different products can meet the needs of the use of a variety of circumstances, but a product is ...

Vacuum resistant rubber plate in the selection of raw rubber

The rubber sheet, which has been used for a long time under the negative pressure of 10-1 ~ 133*10-8 Pa, is called a vacuum resistant rubber plate. It has the characteristics...

Supply growth pressure rubber material continued concussion

By pressing the natural rubber industry chain of negative factors, the market outlook will continue low HuJiao period price shocks. The upstream raw materials, at present, the domes...

A guide to Rubber’s rubber moulding techniques

we give you a detailed overview of the main rubber moulding techniques that we employ here at Rubber. As such, we will explore the process of injection moulding and explain the intr...

Manufacturing rubber products for manufacturers

Are you looking for a rubber manufacturing expert who has plenty of experience in providing rubber products for the manufacturing industry? We has been trading with manufacturers fo...

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